Gigs in Manchester

They are showing no signs of waning in popularity, those noisy, sweaty, thrilling gigs in Manchester. This is no small wonder considering the famous bands that have sprung up from the area, over the decades.

Gigs in Manchester played an important part of the UK punk scene, back in the day when bands such as the Buzzcocks were at their peak, headed by Bolton singer-songwriter-guitarists and Pete Shelley.

Manchester gigs in the 1980s included exciting performances by homegrown band, The Smiths, headed by Morrisey. The band achieved both cult status and commercial success with a string of singles and studio albums.

The early 1990s were dominated by boy band, Take That, who chalked up a total of 25 top forty hits in the UK music charts. Any list of notable Manchester gigs from the decade would not be complete without the inclusion of performances by this sensational pop act.

Robbie Williams left the band in 1995 and they split up in 1996. It appeared that the fairytale was over. However, a decade later the band announced a UK reunion tour, which of course included home-town dates. It was a great success.

Then came another surprise, which delighted fans. In 2010 Robbie Williams rejoined the band after 15 years. Although he had done remarkable well as a solo artist, the band's original bad boy was back and old wounds were healed.

Another relatively recent Manchester success story, albeit on a lesser scale so far, is 2005 X Factor winner Shayne Ward, who hit the top of the charts with his fist solo single 'That's My Goal' in December of that year. It became the third fastest selling single of all time, helped, no doubt, by the gig in Manchester he performed to promote the single.

Future shows may well produce even more Manchester stars and it always check out the annual X Factor tour that usually kicks off in January or February each year, with a string of dates that includes Manchester shows. Check ticket availability early for this tour to avoid disappointment. It is always highly popular.

Other famous gigs in Manchester took place inside the infamous Hacienda club in the so-called 'Madchester' era. It was an iconic time for the city's music scene as the sound that was being produced was unlike anything that had gone before.

It was unpolished, direct and grew from grassroots level. Song lyrics were concerned with lowbrow culture and the familiar, everyday occurrences that reflected ordinary urban, northern existence. Gigs in Manchester would features bands such as The Happy Mondays.

But the city's music scene could not thrive without the right Manchester gig venue to showcase the talent. And there are several to choose from. Smaller places put on acoustic gigs and folk while the larger Manchester gig venue with a bigger capacity can handle chart- topping acts that draw mega crowds.

There are basic student venues where the d├ęcor is less important than the sound, right up to spaces with stunning interiors and specifically calibrated acoustics to the bring the best out of any performance.

Some of the most popular performances are arena shows, of course. Anything smaller simply would not do. The city has certainly come a long way since the earliest days of music recording when gigs in Manchester were designed for 'light entertainment 'audiences.

After the war, a gig in Manchester would probably have revolved around the new music craze from America: Rock & Roll. But the city soon moved on and found its own stars. Influenced by both the past and the present, it has produced its fair share of home grown talent ever since.